Live Performances


  • Coaxial Arts w/ Voluntary Null Compliance, Ted Byrnes, Sobbing Honey, Morher, Pain Party, Mas Guerrero, DJ Paul Haney 12/22
  • Hart Bar w/ Qualiatik, Cel Genesis, Tom Marsi (DJ) 9/9
  • Trans Pecos w/ REEK, Gall Sac, Computer 8/16
  • Union Pool w/ Moxie Pocket, Pons, Channel/Vessel 8/12
  • Bar Freda w/ Fruit LoOops & Gorgeous 7/27
  • Gold Sounds w/ STCLVR, 8 Hour Animal, unfeeling 5/11
  • UndisClosed LoCation w/ Blu Anxxiety, Cel Genesis, (secret guest) 4/21
  • Hart Bar w/ Saadia Rais, Mouths Agape, Modern Playdates, Mary Jane Dunphe, Hayden-Hinton-Dreschner, and Eccchobunny 3/30
  • Trans Pecos w/ Emme, Meadow Elle, and Pleasure Coffin 1/20/23, 7pm
  • Gold Sounds w/ Trace Amount, Hallows (LA), Shanghai Beach, Derek Rush [DJ] 1/21/23, 7pm


  • TV EYE 1/26/22 w/ Nordra, X Harlow, Channel/Vessel
  • Purgatory 3/3/22 w/ President Evil, VIOLENCE, Nordra
  • Soirée at Purgatory 4/29 w/ Golden Apes, Tikla, Winkie, Ren Flowers, Shanghai Beach, Pilgrims of Yearning, and Komrads
  • UndisClosed LoCation 5/11 w/ Mother Cell, Trace Amount, Heavy Halo
  • Club Simulator | Simulator 003, Suicide Circus Berlin, 5/20
  • Trans Pecos w/Bangladeafy, The Pop Ritual, and Violence 6/8
  • The Grove for Analog Sacrifice w/ a lot of people 7/22
  • Hart Bar in Brooklyn w/ Yin, HISSSS, and Nick Nun Ca 8/28
  • Trans Pecos w/ Guido, YHWH Nailgun, and Sweet 9/1
  • UndisClosed LoCation w/ Qualiatik, VIOLENCE, Sentinel, and Decathexis 9/15
  • Necrophonic at Hex House in BK (duo improv with Luciform), TV-MA, Reckoner, Alan Worm, KDV, Phagocyte, schwaz, f00f 10/8 | Email for Address
  • No Aloha w/ Computer, Itch Princess, Kate Finnely 10/12
  • Hart Bar w/ Hypnagogue, Unfeeling, Whitey Alabastard, and Morher 10/16
  • Living Gallery w/ SoLow, Saturn Lavender, Paradise Twin, and Annihil 10/27, 8pm
  • The Broadway w/ President Evil, Jehovah’s Princess, and Trace Amount 11/18